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Innovation Honorees

The Innovation Honoree is a special program which recognizes leaders and innovators from the community.  Nominations are submitted beginning in July and the winner(s) are presented at Council Meeting in early December. 

SmartRiverside honors local technology and innovation leaders within our community. Some of our past recepients are shown below.


Gordon Bourns

CEO and Chairman of Bourns, Inc.

Bourns is the largest technology company in Riverside and is headquartered in Riverside with nine other manufacturing facilities around the world. Bourns continues to grow with Gordon's leadership through product development and acquisitions. Product lines now include the Trimpot trimming potentiometers, precision potentiometers, panel controls, resistor networks/arrays, inductors, transformers, self-resettable fuses, thyristors, diode arrays, gas discharge tubes, telephony protectors, integrated modules and a wide range of automotive sensors for steering position, steering torque, wheel speed, fuel level and chassis position. The major markets served by Bourns are automotive, industrial, telecommunications, telephony and consumer.

More info... | Press Release


Brian Hawley

Chairman and CTO for Luminex Software Inc.

Brian Hawley is the Chairman and CTO for Luminex Software Inc, which was founded in Riverside in 1994.  Brian Hawley holds a bachelors of science and masters of science computer science degrees from the University of Riverside.  At the University of California, he held various academic positions and pioneered new curriculum for upper division projects in compiler design and multi-user operating systems courses. He is one of the founding members of the Riverside Technology CEO Forum and served first chairman of that organization and presided in that roll from 2005-2008.   Luminex develops distinctive data storage products based on proven technologies that tackle the complex challenges of storing, archiving, distributing and protecting data. In 2002 and 2003, Luminex was named to the Deloitte Fast50 list as being one of the fastest growing technology companies in Southern California. In 2003, Luminex was one of the select few named to both the Inc. Magazine Inc. 500 and Deloitte Fast500 as one of the 500 fastest growing companies in the United States. Luminex is headquartered in Riverside, California and has additional development offices in San Diego, California and Beaverton, Oregon.

More info... | Press Release | Video


Sundip Doshi

President and Chief Software Architect

Surado Solutions, Inc., founded in 1995, is headquartered in the University Research Park Riverside, California. Surado celebrates 16 years of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) success with on-premise and cloud software as a service (SaaS) CRM product lines for small to medium sized businesses. Having sold CRM solutions in more than 64 countries worldwide in the English language, Surado recently announced localization initiatives including local language support for its Cloud SaaS flagship product, known as Surado CRM Online. Surado CRM Online is a solution for small to medium sized businesses around the world. Surado CRM includes all core CRM functionality including Contact and Account Management, Sales Automation, Marketing Automation, Customer Service and integration for a complete 360 degree view.

More info... | Press Release


Amro Albanna

CEO of the Innovation Economy Corporation (IEC)

Amro Albanna, Chairman and CEO Albanna has founded multiple startup-technology companies that cover a diverse array of innovations including an application service provider (ASP), forerunners to global positioning systems (GPS), full-motion video game controllers, applications for entomology and diagnostic nanotechnology research, to name a few. As such, he has both raised millions of dollars in capital and created more than a hundred million dollars in value with both public and private global ventures.

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